Loyalty Points

For every order placed with us you can now earn loyalty points! 
For every £1.00 spent you will earn 1 Loyalty point. 1 Loyalty Point equals £0.04p to spend on future purchases.

All you need to do to start earning loyalty points is place an order online and at the end of the checkout process create a password for your account. If you already have an account with us your loyalty points will automatically be added to your account. 

The next time you shop online with us just log in by entering your email and password created and at checkout you can spend or carry on saving your points! 

Important Note: If you have loyalty points to spend and your order is £30.00 or just over and you wish to redeem Free Standard UK Postage please be aware that your Loyalty points will deduct from your total and could make postage payable. It may end up cheaper to add an extra ball or two of something than to pay the postage! :) 

Thank you and Enjoy!